Last Saturday, District Five Supervisor Christina Olague, stopped by Kezar Gardens Ecology Center for the first time.  A long-time supporter, Olague still had not seen for herself what this space has to offer.  During her visit, she talked about good San Francisco values, green jobs and the highly questionable act of closing a place that exemplifies the best of those ideals.  She readily acknowledged the hugely diverse patrons who use the space and even asked for a garden plot of her own as a form of protest against the impending eviction.

The Supervisor was amazed at the 50 community garden plots thriving with native plants, organic veggies, and astounding wildflowers.  She was impressed by the extension of habitat restoration taking place from the native plant nursery and was ecstatic over the people who were utilizing the center while she was there.  No longer willing to stay quiet about the absolute inequity of closing down such a valuable space, the Supervisor staked her claim with the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council and their recycling center and gardens at 780 Frederick Street.

We hope her support will help convince Mayor Lee to overturn this hateful eviction order and allow Kezar Gardens Ecology Center to continue serving the local community with their ecological needs.  As Supervisor Olague classifies, it’s a battle between good and evil.  It’s time to decide-which side are you on?  Save Kezar Gardens!